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Regular or occasional walks, day-care and boarding services are available.

I cover Crowborough and the surrounding area.



If you need to be out all day, then our day-care service is perfect for taking care of your dog. Drop off in the morning and your dog will enjoy a great walk with friends. At home they can snooze away in the kitchen or lounge or play in the garden if they still have excess energy to burn! 



Your dog can enjoy a holiday with us while you are away on yours. Their stay will be as one of the family with my own two Labradors. Morning walks with their doggy friends, napping and games in the afternoon, and after supper, evening cuddles before bedtime.


We offer a walking service if you simply need your dog to be walked. Walks are in groups and are an hour in duration. I take into account age and ability to make walks fun for all. Safety is paramount, and dogs are walked off lead (subject to permission received from owners) once a safe distance from carparks and roads, and always away from livestock. Solo walks are possible (but are subject to additional cost). Please contact me to discuss.

NEW SERVICE - Walks for older or infirm dogs

If your dog is struggling with arthritis or other ailments, or just can't manage a full hour anymore, I offer a 30 - 40 minute small group walk (length dependant on dog ability), so they can still socialise and enjoy company outdoors, but at an easier pace.


Please note: I can only provide day-care and boarding for dogs who have been spayed/neutered.


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